I.Phonetics( 5 points)
Directions:In each of the fl lowing groups of words, there are four underlined letters or letter combinations marked A,B,C and D.Compare the underlined parts and identify the one that is different from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
【C】1.A.land B.lamb C.father D.ladder
【D】2.A.challenge B.cheap C.choose D.character
【A】3.A.sweat B.please C.beat D.meat
【B】4.A.rescue B.league C.pursue D.argue
【D】5.A.action B.section C.solution D.question
Ⅱ.Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)
Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A,B,C and D.Choose one answer that best completes the sentence and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
6.There___no one to help meat this moment,I need to handle the work all by myself.
C.to be
【应试指导】句意:现在没有人能够帮我,我需要独立完成这项工作。后半句是一个完整的句子,不缺少成分,“there being+名词”在这里是独立主格结构,充当状语,故选B。
7.Mary took apart-time job last summer,but her parents were unhappy about___she did.
【应试指导】句意: 玛丽上个暑假做了一份兼职,但她的父母对她所做的事情感到不快。分析句子可知,空格处缺少一个连接词来引导宾语从句。these不能引导宾语从句,that不可放在介词后面作引导词,再根据句意可知,这里表示“干了什么”,所以用what, 故选D。
8.I did not do well on the writing exam,for the topic to write on was unfamiliar___me.
【应试指导】句意: 我在写作考试中没考好,因为写作主题不是我熟悉的。be unfamiliar to sb.为固定短语,意为“对……来说不熟悉”,故选A。
9.I can hardly distinguish the two girls,since they look quite___.
【应试指导】句意:我很难分清这两个女孩,因为她们长得非常相像。look alike意为“看起来相像”,故选C。
10.You’d better speak loudly at the meeting___everyone can hear you.
A.except that
B.such that
C.in that
D.so that
【应试指导】句意:在会议上你最好讲大声点,以便每个人都可以听到你的声音。except that意为“除了….以外”,such that意为“使得,结果是”,in that意为“因为”,so that意为“以便于,为了”,故选D。
11.Peter would___stay at home watching TV than go shopping with his mom.
【应试指导】句意:皮特宁愿待在家看电视也不愿和他妈妈一起去购物。would rather do sth. than do sth.为固定搭配,意为“宁愿做……而不愿做……”,故选A。
12.By the time you return in two years, your hometown will___a new look.
A.have taken on
B.take on
C.have been taken on
D.be taken on
【考情点拨】考查by the time的用法。
【应试指导】句意:等到两年后你回来,你的家乡会呈现一种新的风貌。by the time引导状语从句时,从句如果用一般现在时来表示将来的动作,主句用将来完成时,且这里是主动语态,故选A。
13.Please make sure that your name is entered in the___space when you fill out this form.
【应试指导】句意:当你填写这张表格时,请确保你的名字填在空白区。vacant意为“空虚的”,bare意为“赤裸的,空的”,blank意为“空白的”,empty意为“空的”。blank space意为“空白区”,故选C。
14.Reading aloud everyday can be one of the most___ways to improve your spoken English.
15.If Peter had told his teacher about his difficulty in math homework,she___him before the exam.
B.will help
C.would have helped
D.would help
【应试指导】句意:如果皮特过去告诉他的老师他在数学作业方面的困难,她一定会在考试前帮助他。这是对过去的虚拟, 从句用“f+主语+had done”形式,主句用“主语+would have done”的形式,故选C。
16.___all the difficulties, the researcher continued her research.
A.In case of
B.In spite of
C.Because of
D.In stead of
【应试指导】句意:尽管困难重重,研究员仍继续她的研究。in case of意为“万一”,in spite of意为“尽管”,because of意为“因为”,instead of意为“代替”。结合句意,故选B。
17.The organizers of the conference have arranged hotel rooms for those students___from out of town.
A.to come
D.to have come
18.The job applicant was worried about the interview___he was well prepared.
19.It was suggested that this hardworking girl___an example for other students.
A.be set
B.will be set
C.could be set
D.had been set
20.Since computers were introduced,they___to be useful tools for people weak in math.
A.had proved
B.have proved
C.will prove
D.are proving
【应试指导】句意:自电脑问世以后, 它们已被证明对数学薄弱的人们来说是有用的工具。since引导的从句中的动词为一般过去时,主句用现在完成时,故选B。
Ⅲ.Cloze(30 points)
Directions:For each blank in the
following passage, there are four choices
marked A,B,C and D.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answer by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
In our online life, we need to use passwords frequently.We use passwords_21_e-mail,gaming sites,social networking sites,and other shopping sites._22_,the passwords most people use are not very_23_and can easily be“broken”by others.In fact,the most commonly used passwords are so simple that it requires very24effort to figure them out.Can you guess_25_the most commonly used passwords are?They are:Names of baseball teams,birth dates of a family_26_,the year of a special sports event,the random numbers like 156468,_27_the name of a friend,pet,favorite TV star,or band.
There are programs_28_to break into people’s online accounts.These programs are_29_of trying every word in the English dictionary and the dictionaries_30_many foreign languages,in their effort to break into an account._31_can even search words backward.Some will try_32_words or words that are followed by numbers,_33_school 222.These programs can test millions of passwords in a few minutes.So,you are advised to be careful about_34_passwords so that they will be hard to break.You are also advised not to make them_35_hard to remember.Meanwhile,you need to change them once in a while.
21.A.to B.with C.by D.for
【应试指导】本句句意为:事实上,大多数人使用的密码非常简单,几乎不需要花费什么力气就可以弄清楚。minor意为“次要的,较小的”,small意为“小的”,little意为“很少的”,tiny意为“微小的”,very little effort意为“很少的努力,几单花费力气”,故选C。
27.A.as close as
B.as good as
C.as dear as
D.as well as
【应试指导】根据上下文可知,这里指的是“还有朋友、宠物、电影明星等的名字”。as well as意为“还有”,符合题意,故选D。
【应试指导】本句句意为:这些程序能够把英语词典中的每个词都试一下。be capable of意为“能够”,故选B。
33.A.such as
B.except for
C.as for
D.as of
【应试指导】空格后是对前面内容的举例说明,such as意为“例如”,故选A。
【应试指导】本句句意为:你应该谨慎设置密码。choose passwords意为“设置密码”, 故选C。
Ⅳ.Reading Comprehension(60 points)
Directions:There are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followed by four questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C and D.Choose one best answer and blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
Passage One
Sound sleep occurs when one’s internal clock is regulated.Circadian rhythms(生理节奏) can become compromised quite easily.Many people with sleep troubles tend to vary bedtimes.To avoid this common problem,sleep sufferers should go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday.To help improve circadian rhythms,sufferers should enjoy 15 minutes of sun exposure the first thing in the morning.
A bedtime routine can help prevent insomnia(失眠) .One hour before bedtime,one should lower the lights and relax.Reading a book or listening to calm music can help prepare the body for a good night’s sleep.Taking a warm, candlelit bath or drinking a cup of warm milk can also help you prepare for deep sleep at night.
Stress can have a bad effect on the body and the ability to sleep.A daily exercise routine can help lower the body’s stress naturally.One can also manage stress by writing diaries.Writing diaries can help people express their anxieties,plan for the future and improve sleep.Other ways to lower stress include deep breathing exercises and progressive muscle relaxation.
The light sending out from computers, cellphones, tablets and televisions can cause sleep problems.Therefore, these items should be turned off at least an hour before bedtime.Add ii on ally,lowering the backlight on these electronic devices earlier in the evening can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer once bedtime arrives.
A perfect bedroom invites sweet sleep.Most people sleep better in a cool,dark,and quiet room.Lower the temperature in the room to 16~ 20 degrees for a peaceful night’s sleep.A darkroom can be accomplished by installing light blocking curtains or wearing asleep mask.Noise can be reduced with either earplugs or a white noise machine.Finally, a comfortable mattress(床垫) and pillows are essential to a good night’s sleep.
36.What is the passage mainly about?
A.How to get a sound sleep.
B.How to lower body stress.
C.How to regulate internal clocks.
D.How to manage anxieties.
37.According to Paragraph 2,which of the following may lead to insomnia?
A.Reading a book for relaxation before bedtime.
B.Lowering lights one hour before bedtime.
C.Drinking some warm milk before bedtime.
D.Listening to rock music before bedtime.
38.What can be done to reduce stress?
A.Doing exercise everyday.
B.Making plans for the future.
C.Writing about your sleep patterns.
D.Learning to hold your breath.
39.What is the perfect condition for sleep?
A.A quiet room with flashing lights.
B.A bright room with white curtains.
C.A cool room with comfortable pillows.
D.A darkroom with electronic devices.
Passage Two
Tom was aged four but he was talking like a two-year-old baby.He was saying such things as“kick ball”and“want car”, and using lots of one-word sentences.He should have been saying some really long sentences and telling stories with them.He wasn’t.Something had gone terribly wrong.
Quite a few children have what is called a“language delay”.For some reason they don’t learn to speak as quickly as they should.Their friends shoot ahead and they’re left behind.As a result,they get very lonely.Nobody wants to talk to you if you can’t talkback.
Can anything be done to help these children?Yes.They can go to see a speech therapist—a person who’s specially trained to workout what’s wrong and who know show to teach language to children.This is what happened to Tom.The speech therapist played some games with him and heard how he talked.She made a recording of his speech, and chatted to his mom and dad about his background.They’d taken Tom to see a doctor, but the doctor hadn’t found anything wrong with him.He seemed perfectly normal in every way—except he just wasn’t talking.
After Tom and his parents had gone home, the therapist listened carefully to the recordings he’d made.Then she looked at a chart which showed how language developed in children aged two,three,and four.She could see Tom was along way behind.
The next step,she decided, was to teach Tom how to say some new sentences like“kick a red ball,”and “the clown is kicking a ball.”Tom didn’t get the new sentences right straightaway.But the therapist was very pat int,and after a few more visits he started to make some progress.
40.How did the author introduce the topic of this passage?
A.By describing grammar errors made by kids.
B.By sharing experiences of speech therapists.
C.By using Tom’s case as an example.
D.By stating his personal views to readers.
41.What can be inferred from the passage about“language delay”?
A.It can be prevented by doctors.
B.It is seldom found among children.
C.It can be improved with certain help.
D.It may result from hearing problems.
42.What did the speech therapist do to help Tom?
A.She told others that Tom was normal in every way.
B.She asked Tom to play with some other children.
C.She made some recordings of his parents’ speech.
D.She taught Tom new sentences in a patient way.
43.What is the best title for the passage?
A.What Can Doctors Do with Language Delay?
B.What Can Be Done about Kids with Language Delay?
C.How Can Language Delay Be Easily Detected?
D.How Can Parents Prevent Kids from Language Delay?
Passage Three
On a dry and cold Friday afternoon last October, Sharon Seline exchanged text messages with her daughter who was in college.They“chatted”back and forth, with the mom asking how things were going and the daughter answering positively followed by emoticons(表情符) showing smiles,b-i-gs miles and hearts.
Later that night,her daughter attempted suicide.
In the days that followed,it came to light that she’d hidden herself in her dorm,crying and showing signs of depression—a completely different reality from the one that she conveyed in texts and Facebook posts.
As human beings,our only real method of connection is through real communication.Studies show that only 7%of communication is based on writing and speaking.The majority of 93%is based on body language.Indeed,it’s only when we can hear at one of voice or look into someone’s eyes that we’re able to know when“I’m fine”doesn’t mean they’re fine at all.
This is where social media gets risky.
With modern technology,anyone can hide behind the text,the e-mail,or the Facebook post,projecting any i age they want and creating a false image of their choosing.They can be whoever they want to be.And without the ability to receive body language,their audiences are none the wiser.
This presents a paradox which doesn’t exist be ore.With all the powerful social technologies sat our fingertips,we are more connected—and potentially more disconnected—than ever before.
Every relevant metric(衡量标准) shows that we are interacting at a great speed and frequency through social media.But are we really communicating?With 93%of our communication context(语境)lost,we are now attempting to establish relationships and make decisions based on phrases or emoticons,which mayor may not accurately represent the truth.
44.Why does social media get risky according to the author?
A.The users’ social connection is lost
B.The users’ messages maybe ignored
C.The users’ real emotion maybe hidden.
D.The users’ voices can hardly be heard.
45.What phenomenon does the underlined word“paradox”(Paragraph 7) reflect?
A.People can be both happy and unhappy.
B.People can be both connected and disconnected.
C.People can end up being both wise and stupid.
D.People can form both true and false impressions.
46.What is true about today’s communication through social media?
A.It causes more health risks.
B.It gives little communication context.
C.It leads to better relationships.
D.It improves the quality of interaction.
47.What is the best title for the passage?
A.Social Media and Its Function
B.Social Media and Its Abuses
C.Social Media and Its Future
D.Social Media and Its Risks
Passage Four
Alan Lake in,a time management expert,thinks that nothing is a total waste of time,including doing nothing at times.If you arrange things so that you find tie to relax and“do nothing”,you will get more done and have more fun doing it。
One of his clients,a space engineer, didn’t know how to“do nothing”.Every minute of his leisure time was scheduled with intense activities.He had an outdoor-activities schedule in which he switched from skiing to tennis.His girlfriend kept up with him in these activities, although she would have preferred just to sit by the fire and relax once in a while.Like too many people, he felt the need to be doing something all the tie,for doing nothing seemed a waste of time.His“relaxing by the fire”consisted of playing chess,reading magazines,or checking emails.
For an experiment, Alan asked him to“waste”his time for five minutes during one of their sessions together.What the engineer ended up doing was relaxing,sitting quietly and daydreaming.When he was finally able to admit that emotional reasons caused him to reject relaxing as a waste of tie,he began to look more critically at that way of thinking.Once he knew that relaxing was a good use of time,he became less serious about being busy and started enjoying each activity more.Previously he had been so busy doing that he had no time to have fun at anything.He began to do less and have more fun.When Alan saw the client about three years later, he still had as busy a schedule as ever, but he was able to balance his activity with relaxing so that he came back to work Monday morning not feeling tired out from a busy weekend but refreshed.
48.What did“doing nothing”mean to the space engineer at first?
A.Outdoor activities.
B.A waste of time.
C.Few daily schedules.
D.More family hours.
49.What made the engineer reject relaxing?
A.Social reasons.
B.Family reasons.
C.Emotional reasons.
D.Physical reasons.
50.What happened after the engineer learned“doing nothing”?
A.He was not as busy as before.
B.He began to enjoy each activity more.
C.He started to do more of everything.
D.He did not have as much fun as before.
【应试指导】文章第三段第四句提到,航天工程师真正明白了“doing nothing”的含义,认为放松是对时间的很好利用,他开始不再让自己那么忙,享受每一项活动,故选B。
51.What can be inferred from the passage about“doing nothing”?
A.It makes people enjoy more indoor activities.
B.It enables you to have more work time.
C.It serves to improve family relationship.
D.It helps you do things more efficiently.
【应试指导】从文章最后一段可知,三年后,航天工程师仍有忙碌的工作安排,但他学会了平衡工作时间与放松时间,星期一上班也不再无精打采, 工作效率提高了,由此可知,“doing nothing”可以帮助人们提高做事的效率,故选D。
Passage Five
Socrates is often referred to as one of the founders of Western philosophy,and ye the wrote nothing,established no school,and held no particular theories of his own.What he did do,however,was frequently ask the questions that interested him,and in doing so developed a new way of thinking.This method proceeds(展开) as a dialogue between opposing views,and it earned him many enemies in Athens,where he lived.
Aa a young man,Socrates is believed to have studied natural philosophy,looking at the various explanations of the nature of the universe,but then became involved in the politics of the city-state and concerned with more down-to-earth moral issues,such as the nature of justice.
However,he was not interested in winning arguments,or arguing for the sake of making money.Nor was he seeking answers or explanations.He was simply examining the basis of the concepts we apply to ourselves(such as“good”,“bad”,and“just”) ,for he believed that understanding what we are is the first task of philosophy.
He was sentenced to death on charges of corrupting the young with bad ideas.But he also had many followers,and among them was Plato,who recorded Socrates’ ideas in the written works,called dialogues,in which Socrates sets about examining various ideas.
Socrates’ central concern,then,was the examination of life,and it was his cruel questioning of people’s most valued beliefs(largely about themselves) that earned him his enemies—but he remained committed to his task until the very end.
According to the account of his defense a this trial,Socrates chose death rather than face a life of ignorance:“The life which is unexamined is not worth living.”
52.What is true about Socrates?【】
A.Socrates solved the problems of Western philosophy.
B.Socrates tried to find answers to his questions.
C.Socrates forced his enemies to accept his ideas.
D.Socrates cared about the meaning of life.
53.What is the most important task of philosophy according to Socrates?【】
A.Understanding our true self.
B.Examining some basic concepts.
C.Challenging the views of enemies.
D.Giving explanations for arguments.
54.What is the passage mainly about?【】
A.Socrates’ beliefs of philosophy.
B.Socrates’ outlook on death.
C.Socrates’ influence on youths.
D.Socrates’ questions about universe.
55.What is the tone of the passage?【】
Ⅴ.Daily Conversation(15 points)
Directions:Pick out appropriate expressions from the eight choices below and complete the
following dialogues by blackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.
A.Sounds great! B.This is our first trip here.
C.When shall we set off? D.Could you recommend some places for us?
E.You are welcome. F.What could I get?
G.Have great fun. H.Is there anything interesting there?
Receptionist:Good morning!
Mr.Smith:Good morning!Today we are free for sightseeing._56_
Receptionist:Okay.Have you ever been here before?
Receptionist:Then,I suggest that you visit the Ancient Cultural Street.
Receptionist:Yes.The architecture is wonderful.It represents the folk style of the Qing Dynasty.
Mr.Smith:_59_Thank you very much.
Receptionist:_60_Have a good time!
【答案】56.D 57.B 58.H 59.A 60.E
Ⅵ.Writing(25 points)
Directions:For this part, you are supposed to write an e-mail in about 100-120 words based on the following situation.Remember to write it clearly.
61.新学期伊始,你们班准备组织一场迎新晚会,让同学们熟悉起来。你(Li Yuan) 打算邀请外教
(Tim) 来参加迎新晚会。请给他写一封e-mail,内容包括:

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